5 Resources To Combat Air Pollution

Mankind is meeting its new predator – air pollution. Engulfing metro cities, this thick vaporous demon is slowly permeating through our cardiovascular systems, giving rise to diseases like asthma, heart problems, and cancer.

To combat pollution, the solution is self-evident. Every person should abide by the regulations in this regard and urgent measures to cast away the issue of air pollution. There are measures which we should take to reverse the negative effects of the toxic air pollution on our lives.

  • Apps

Harnessing the latest technology, a melange of apps and websites are coming up with innovative ways to create an eco-conscious environment.



Offline Survival – It is exactly what its name says. This app provides a roadmap to know about nature and the ways to survive in it.

Air Quality Index BreezoMeter – Through this app, one can check the air quality. One can have information in hands just by a click.

Central Pollution Control Board – Designed under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, CPCB is a statutory organization that takes action against matters concerning the prevention and control of pollution. 

  • Helpline numbers

Through a few initiatives, many organizations and governments are paving the way for eco-conscious helpline numbers to fight against pollution.

Green helpline – This helpline was released by the Delhi government to maintain the ecological balance by reporting about cutting of trees. The helpline number is 1800118600.

Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board – Due to the recent events, other states have also taken the baton in their hands to fight the pollution. The helpline number is 0755 246 4428. 

  • Transport

Transport is majorly responsible for the rise of air pollution around us. To kick start the process of fighting pollution, each of us should make the most effective steps individually.

Use public transport – The use of public transports would reduce the usage of the vehicle on the road. It helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

Prefer carpools – Like public transports, carpools cut down the number of vehicles. Lesser the vehicles, lesser the carbon, and other dangerous gases to harm the pollution.



Using electric cars – Unlike conventional vehicles, electric cars use an electric motor to powered by electricity. These are easy on the environment and have zero tailpipe emissions. 

  • Medicines

The thick vaporous demon is around us due to the increased pollution and cigarette smoke. It is damaging not only our immune system but is causing skin allergies as well. With the help of natural compounds in herbs and medicine, one can heal the negative impact of pollution.

Asthprash – A nutritive jam with immunity-boosting qualities, Asthprash is a proven rich source of vitamins and antioxidants which removes tar from the lungs. It also aids in the case of cold, allergy and asthma.

Anti-allergy drugs – To relieve itching, sneezing, and infections in your body, one should stick to anti-allergy drugs to stop the increasing effect of allergy. 

  • Food


Saunth – Saunth is used in every household which introduces balance in the body to increase life power and immunity system.

Honey – Honey is touted as a natural healing agent for every age group. The problem of cough and asthma can also be tackled by consuming honey in an adequate amount.

Citrus foods – Brightly colored citrus foods contain nutrients that boost heart health.

Several compounds in these foods can rejuvenate the immune health as well.

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