• How to Practice Mindful Eating for a Better Life Balance?

    Mindfulness is a Buddhist concept. As a form of meditation, it assists you in knowing and controlling your emotions and physical sensations in a better way. Based on the concept of mindfulness, mindful eating is practiced to treat many eating disorders and mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

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  • Secondhand Smoke and How it Affects You

    Also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), Secondhand smoke (SHS) is an amalgamation of mainstream and sidestream smoke. Mainstream smoke is the smoke exhaled by a smoker, while sidestream smoke is the… Read More

  • 5 Herbal Teas That Aid in Digestion

    Ayurveda is the pandora box of many rare and effective remedies. From boosting your immunity to treating many life-threatening diseases, Аyurveda very accurately defines an illness’s process, long before the… Read More