5 Resources To Combat Air Pollution

Air Pollution has been on the offensive forever – but we have been in denial of its power and ability to damage us humans. Taking over and engulfing metro cities and smaller cities equally, this thick vaporous demon is slowly permeating through our respiratory system, giving rise to diseases like asthma, heart problems, and cancer.

We have it within us to combat all that is harmful to us. And pollution is none the different. Each individual needs to step up and take responsibility of not adding to the already massive pollution blanket that surrounds us but also to be able to contain and control the ravage already done. And for this, there are several measures for damage control and to reverse the negative effects of the toxic air pollution.

1. Apps

Employing the latest technology, a mélange of apps and websites are coming up with innovative ways to create an eco-conscious environment.

a. Offline Survival – True to its name, this app provides a roadmap to understand our natural environs and the means to utilize it to its fill optimum.

b. Air Quality Index BreezoMeter – This App informs you about the air quality in just a click.

c. Central Pollution Control Board - Originated under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, CPCB is a statutory organization that takes action against matters concerning the prevention and control of pollution.

2. Helpline numbers

True that we are ambushed by pollution but help is here. Many organizations and the government have taken the eco-conscious initiative for making available helpline numbers to fight against pollution.

a. Green helpline – An initiative taken by Delhi government to maintain the ecological balance by reporting the cutting down of trees. The helpline number is 1800118600.

b. Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board – Another state another initiative. The helpline number is 0755 246 4428.

3. Transport

Nobody likes Traffic but then we also don’t live right next to where we want to go. Traveling is necessary and transport is the biggest contributor to the self–created problem - air pollution. The solution - each one of us needs to take individual responsibility to combat and restrain this monster that is unleashed.

a. Public transport – Use public transport to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, helping to lessen traffic congestion and pollution.

b. Carpooling – Takes you to locations faster with lesser number of vehicles on the road, helps in reduction of emissions and improved air quality. The lesser the vehicles, the lesser the carbon.

c. Electric Cars – Powered by electricity, this option is easy on the environment with zero tailpipe emissions.

4. Medicines

Thick poisonous smoke, smog, polluted air is all-pervading and equal for all. It has far reaching damaging consequences for diminishing our immune system, skin allergies to name a few. The goodness of the earth and its wholesome herbs and plants with their healing benefits to combat the ills of air pollution is the best way forward.

a. Asthprash - A nutritive jam with immunity-boosting qualities, Asthprash is a proven rich source of vitamins and antioxidants which removes tar from the lungs. It also aids in fighting off cold, allergies and asthma.

b. Anti-allergy drugs - To relieve itching, sneezing, and infections in the body, one should stick to anti-allergy drugs to stop the increasing effect of allergy.

5. Food

a. Saunth, every household’s staple ingredient, is used to maintain balance in the body to increase life power and boost the immunity system.

b. Honey - Honey is touted as the strongest natural healing agent and is most beneficial in eliminating cough. It is also very instrumental in treating asthma, when consumed in adequate quantity.

c. Citrus foods - Brightly coloured citrus foods are rich in nutrients that boost and rejuvenate the immune system and the heart health as well.

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